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  • Art of the Apology Is Up On Beliefnet

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    It’s always great when circumstances provide me with opportunities to combine my legal work with my ministry.  Consequently, I was absolutely thrilled when Beliefnet.com, one of the largest and most eclectic spiritual websites on the Internet, agreed to publish an excerpt from Art of the Apology.

    There are, of course, as many venues for apologies are there are places where people mess up.  This particular excerpt, however, deals with apologies in the workplace and, in particular, to your boss.  In my experience, apologizing to your boss can be an incredibly stressful experience.  Knowing how to prepare and what to say can reduce your anxiety and increase the likelihood that you’ll be forgiven form whatever you did wrong in the first place.

    Apologies can strengthen working relationships, restore trust and even prevent lawsuits and firings.  They also have another advantage.  A workplace where apologies are routinely given and accepted is almost always a kinder, more productive environment than one where mistakes aren’t tolerated and second chances are never extended.   Every person who learns how to give and accept an apology at work makes a business environment better for everyone who works there.  For that reason alone, knowing how to apologize yourself and making it easier for your colleagues is a skill well worth pursuing.

    To read the excerpt on Beliefnet.com, click: http://www.beliefnet.com/Wellness/Articles/Apologies-in-the-Workplace.aspx?p=2


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    • “This splendid little book not only contains much of practical value (I was personally helped by it), it will encourage the development of such virtues as honesty and humility and that is no small gift.”

      --Rabbi Harold Kushner, author,
      When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

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