• Lauren Bloom is an interfaith minister and attorney who focuses on professional and personal integrity. Her career has been devoted to helping business professionals earn and maintain the trust of their clients, cutomers, colleagues and associates. An internationally-recognized expert on business and professional ethics, Lauren has appeared as a keynote speaker across North America and in Europe.

    Lauren lives in Springfield, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.

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    Maybe Wall Street needs actuaries

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    As the story at JPMorgan Chase continues to unfold, I’m increasingly struck by how badly the bank’s sophisticated investment gurus seem to have underestimated the risks associated with their losing trades. $2 billion is a sizeable chunk of change even … Continue reading

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    How will the next President handle Social Security?

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    One of the ugly side effects of the crisis on Wall Street has been the ongoing tumble in the stock market.  If you think that only affects high-rolling investors, think again.  Most of the employee benefit plans in this country … Continue reading

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    Will the next President challenge election fearmongering?

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    This week I heard from a friend (let’s call her Ellen) about a political fundraising gambit that left her hopping mad.  An older widow who has difficulty getting around, Ellen returned home one day to find that the Post Office had … Continue reading

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    What should the next President do about oil prices?

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    Continuing with my series on ethical issues facing the next President, let’s turn to a subject that has everyone talking: the skyrocketing price of oil.  Oil prices have doubled in the past eight years, making it very expensive for anyone … Continue reading

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    Welcome to the Business Ethics Blog!

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    Happy new year to all! After twenty-five years of practicing as a lawyer, the vast majority of which were dedicated to helping my actuary clients stay true to their professional and personal integrity while maintaining their business relationships, I decided … Continue reading

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    • “This splendid little book not only contains much of practical value (I was personally helped by it), it will encourage the development of such virtues as honesty and humility and that is no small gift.”

      --Rabbi Harold Kushner, author,
      When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

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