• Lauren Bloom is an interfaith minister and attorney who focuses on professional and personal integrity. Her career has been devoted to helping business professionals earn and maintain the trust of their clients, cutomers, colleagues and associates. An internationally-recognized expert on business and professional ethics, Lauren has appeared as a keynote speaker across North America and in Europe.

    Lauren lives in Springfield, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.

  • Speaking Services

    Lauren is available to bring her unique mix of wit, compassion and practical advice to your next meeting, workshop or retreat.  Here are some of her most requested presentations:

    Art of the Apology:  How, When and Why to Give and Accept Apologies
    Based on her book of the same title, this presentation offers a comprehensive analysis of what makes some apologies succeed while others fail.  Suitable for businesses, professional organizations, students and community groups, this presentation will teach attendees how to recover from mistakes, restore trust and strengthen relationships and restore trust by successfully practicing the art of the apology.

    Apologizing to Clients and Customers – and Why Your Lawyer May Object!
    Mistakes happen daily in business, leaving clients and customers angry, disappointed and, perhaps, inclined to take legal action.  Apologizing correctly can greatly reduce a company’s risk of getting sued, but executives and their lawyers may fear that apologies will be used against them in court.  Suitable for businesses, professional groups, students and entrepreneurs, this presentation will teach attendees how to apologize to clients and customers so that they’re less likely to end up in court.

    Ethics in the Digital Age
    We live in the brave new world of the Internet, with our lives monitored 24/7 and technology impacting every aspect of our lives, but it’s not always clear how we should conduct ourselves in our rapidly changing environment.  Suitable for businesses, professional organizations, students, entrepreneurs and community groups, this presentation focuses on how to navigate our interconnected, digital world with integrity, grace and confidence.

    Integrity 101: What Every Business Person Should Know
    In the press of daily business, it’s easy to make ethical mistakes that erode trust and damage reputations.  This presentation provides a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of business ethics, and can be adapted to incorporate the attendees’ code of professional conduct.  Suitable for businesses, professional organizations, students, entrepreneurs and community groups, this presentation is a must for anyone who’s serious about acting with integrity in the business world.

    Custom Presentation
    Looking for something different?  Contact Lauren to develop a customized presentation specifically for your organization.

    • “This splendid little book not only contains much of practical value (I was personally helped by it), it will encourage the development of such virtues as honesty and humility and that is no small gift.”

      --Rabbi Harold Kushner, author,
      When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

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