• Lauren Bloom is an interfaith minister and attorney who focuses on professional and personal integrity. Her career has been devoted to helping business professionals earn and maintain the trust of their clients, cutomers, colleagues and associates. An internationally-recognized expert on business and professional ethics, Lauren has appeared as a keynote speaker across North America and in Europe.

    Lauren lives in Springfield, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.

  • What People Are Saying

    “Art of the Apology: How, When and Why to Give and Accept Apologies is one of the best how-to guides in the current marketplace for improving human communication … highly recommended for anyone and everyone who is dealing or has dealt with strife and struggles within relationships of all kinds. In short, every reader can benefit by the sage advice on how to mend a rift or even a shattered relationship and lessen the personal impact of strife.”

    – Laura Schultz, New York Journal of Books

    “In a time when political correctness is all the rage and yet as humans we often naturally make mistakes, Art of the Apology is a book whose time is here! Perfect, well written and a masterful work that all companies should own and teach to their employees. The power of the Apology correctly done can save companies and careers. My hat’s off to Lauren as she is expert when it comes to artfully correcting natural missteps.”

    Chuck Gallagher
    Business Ethics Expert, Motivational Speaker and
    Author of Second Chances: Transforming Adversity into Opportunity

    “This book is a gem.  Pick one up for yourself as well as for everyone you care about.”

    – Bob Burg
    National Best-Selling Co-author (with David Mann) of The Go-Giver, Go­-Givers Sell More and It’s Not About You

    “Apologies hold great potential for personal growth.  Through them we learn confidence, responsibility, empathy and honesty.  In essence we strengthen our own character when we apologize.  This book is excellent encouragement to regain strengths we may have lost or let slide over the years.”

    – Lizzie Post, Emily Post’s great-great granddaughter and Author of How Do You Work This Life Thing?

    “To err is human” – Alexander Pope. So when we mess up what are we supposed to do? We are to apologize. Go to those we have wronged intentionally or unintentionally and say we are sorry. Is this uncomfortable? Absolutely. But we are adults, we accept that we are not perfect (even though that may be our desire) and must take responsibility for our actions. If you are wondering the best way to apologize, when to apologize, where to apologize, what do I say, then read this book.

    Lauren Bloom is an attorney, a person who deals with disputes as her job every day. She has taken her knowledge and written a terrific book on apologizing effectively. She lays out how to apologize for accidents, mistakes and bad judgment. This book covers every situation where you will need to say “I am sorry”: At work with bosses, co-workers, clients, customers, acquaintances, and strangers and at home with friends and family.

    Art of the Apology is the definitive guide to how to make an effective apology in any situation – at work, at home, or in life, and offers practical advice on how to recover from mistakes and restore good relationships.”


    • “This splendid little book not only contains much of practical value (I was personally helped by it), it will encourage the development of such virtues as honesty and humility and that is no small gift.”

      --Rabbi Harold Kushner, author,
      When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

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